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Viral Autobots review

virala utobots


This Viral Autobots review is about the new software by Luke Maguire. Viral Autobots software help you to find very good and relevant content for your fanpages or groups, what people will love and will enagage with them , like and  share. These contents will be viral contents what everybody like to share with their friends. But until now this was very expensive. Big companies spending a lot to grow their fanpages.

Facebook has even loweres the organic reach of your posts to encourage fan page owners to have to pay for ads. Basically people are playing russian roulette with their businesses hoping to finallyy go viral.  I also tried a lot of strategy with cool pictures, funny videos, etc, but my content never became viral. You never know if a content will be a good viral content or no. You must test and analyze a lot the most viral contents.Viral Autobots proof

But as soon as your content goes viral it is like a snowball effect. Your organic reach keeps going up, your fan numbers and interactions too. So Look Maguire started doing market research of a few select niches like fitness, dogs, etc and found out which pages were the most popular and started sifting through the years of content to find what had gone viral in the past. Then he downloaded this content and posted to his fanpage and he saw a huge spike in engagement.
Just one major problem was with this technique. You must have a lot of time to do it. Imagine trying to go through thousands of updates on thousands of pages to try to find the best content and then having to find a way to download it, save it, upload it at the correct times.
So Look Maguire decided that will find a way to automate this entire process and for this reason was born Viral Autobots Software that can do this all and a lot more.

proof 2Imagine if you could instantly find the most viral pages in miliseconds, scrape the most viral updates the page has posted instantly and post direct or schedule these updates to be downloaded and posted direct to your Fan pages. Imagine if you could also find what is trending and going viral right now on other platforms like Twitter, Youtube and instantly post this, and the most important part is, what if you could then monetize these updates so every time you post an update it instantly goes viral and you make money.

Viral Autobots can do this for you. It is the first software that find, upload and monetize the most viral contents on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter for your fan pages (it also schedule the posting) shooting your organic reach, putting money to your bank account.

Its very frustrating to read a very long Viral Autobots review, so I will show you in points what is this software and what can do for your business.

Viral Autobots Features:

– Automate your fan pages in seconds

Have your accounts posting the most viral content with a proven track record in seconds.

– Only set and watch the views comments and likes come in live.

You can literally sit and watch people interacting with your page live.

-Finally be seen by your target market.

Never have to worry about paying for ads, Seo or traffic ever again, Viral Autobots sends your organic reach into the millions

– 100% set and forget.

This is a cloud based software. Simply login, research your content in seconds, monetize it with the help of Viral Autobots training, schedule it for your fan pages and watch the money and engagement come in.

– Drive traffic 100% free

Viral traffic is organic traffic, it is the best kind of traffic and organic traffic is free and very high converting type of traffic you will get.

– Multiple Fan Pages allowed

No matter how many fan pages you have, this will work with all of them. They work within the Facebook Api allowing Viral Autobots to automate all your fan pages in seconds.

– Find the right content in miliseconds in any niche

Simply enter your keyword and the software will find the worlds top pages instantly. The tool will then break down every post these pages have ever made ins seconds.

– Post and schedule updates direct from Viral Autobots

Once you have found the most viral posts, you can instantly post or schedule your updates to be posted at prime times (so you can post also when you sleep).

– Have your brand name and message seen by millions

Viral Autobots does not share the viral content from someone else’s page, the software downloads the content behind the scenes and uploads it instantly to your fan page so the post comes from you when it goes viral.

– See and post what is going viral right now

Not only does Viral Autobots show you what has gone viral in the past, it also allows you to post what is trending right now. I think these campaigns has the best results.

-Discover what your competitors are doing

Viral Autobots can instantly break down your competitors fan pages, giving you the ability to see what is working for them, even showing you complete analytics of their audience.

– Discover the best viral contents on other social networks, like Twitter and Youtube

For the launch week only they are including the options to find the most viral content on Youtube and Twitter and enable you to post this direct to your Facebook Fan page. Remember, this function is for the launch week buyers only, so act fast.

In the next Viral Autobots Demo video see the software in action

Viral Autobots Bonus:

If you buy Viral Autobots today you will also get these bonuses.

Bonus 1 – Twitter Geotarget Module Included – for launch week only
Bonus 2 – Youtube Trend Poster
Bonus 3 – Analytics Break Down Module
Bonus 4 – Socialite Eye Software
Bonus 5 – Access to Secret Vip Group

To read more about these bonuses , click here

Is there any Viral Autobots Discount?

Yes of course. The software is about to go up to $99 per month so you ned to act now to get Viral Autobots with big discount and secure your lifetime membership.

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