VIDEO TRAFFIC X is the first and only video creation service to be: 100% traffic focused. Video Traffic X solves your traffic problem. Because the truth is, there never was traffic problem in the first place. Remember, YouTube processes over 3 billion searches every month, so all the traffic you need is ready and waiting for you. Video Traffic X simply creates the magnetic video content you need to climb the SEPRs.

Imagine having a small arsenal of videos ranking for multiple keywords.

Imagine each video took you only a single click to produce, optimize and post.

PLUS: Imagine each unique video also came with a keyword targeted article and images.

Once you start harnessing that amount of traffic, at that speed all your other marketing worries, frustrations and obstacles vanish into thin air because when Your Video Production is 100% automated all you need to do to pull traffic is press publish!

Solve the SEO code, by yourself… (in the time it takes to go to the fridge and crack open a cold one.)

Unleash enough FREE traffic to swell your bank balance and make your friends start taking notice of EXACTLY what this “SEO thing” is you’ve been doing…
“Magic up” simple, effective, traffic hungry blogs to populate page one of the SERPs for multiple keywords… in multiple niches. (Plus, make your search results STAND OUT from the pack, thanks to the video thumbnails that get included)
Produce all the relevant, unique, one-click videos you need to become a dominant player in your niche… for a long time to come.
Turn short spikes of traffic into secure, measurable profits so you can scale confidently, move onto your next revenue stream… and finally start enjoying all the luxuries life with an automated income has to offer you.

The Video Traffic X servers are cranking out the videos that are keeping your cocktail glass full. VTX produces your videos on their servers and synchronizes them with your blogs via a simple wp plugin.
The VTX plugin finds articles and images based on your keywords (or you can use your own)

Your VTX plugin then sends the content you choose to our VTX servers where it’s turned into a unique video, designed to tick all Google’s ‘relevance’ boxes, with a voice over, subtitles, imagery and even background music.

Back on your blog, your selected text and images are turned into a relevant article to accompany your video.

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Video Traffic X Powerful Features:

Bing Search API

Video Traffic X integrates Bing’s powerful search API to help you quickly create new hundreds of new content ideas find the images to match.

High Powered Servers

Our VTX servers stay safe, fast and efficient because they are only used to process videos.


VTX boasts high quality text-to-speech technology to create clearly understandable voiceovers from article text.

Add Subtitles

Add attention keeping subtitles to your text and reach a wider audience.

Special Effects

VTX adds effects, transitions and images to give each unique video a true “documentary-style” feel.

FREE Backing Music

They give your videos an added touch of class by adding a royalty-free music track.

Integrated Spinner

VTX has Spin-Rewriter integrated so you can easily spin your chosen articles before publishing to keep your content unique as well as your videos.

Easy Attribution

The images selected for your video can also be added to your blog post (with room for attribution if required).

On-Board SEO

VTX helps with your basic on-page SEO and comes with an on-board SEO checker so you can make sure your final post is fully optimized and ready to pull traffic.

Auto-Upload To YouTube

Your video will automatically be uploaded to your YouTube channel for storage, traffic and extra backlinks.

DIY Vids

If you want to create the best possible videos then you can use your own articles and your own images and VTX will create excellently produced video in a single click.

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If you’ve ever dreamed about “cracking the SEO code” and unleashing a whirlwind of free traffic that blows your competitors away and sucks up profits all over the Internet… then this could be the most exciting thing you read today.

This is hard to believe…

After all, you’re about to discover a brand new SEO service so devastatingly effective that putting in just 10 minutes’ work could mean seeing your blog, articles and money sites all ranking on page 1 within a few short days…

And while your competitors are still trying to work out how the hell you did it…

You’ll be basking in the glory of being ‘that guy’ who finally nailed internet marketing and reclaimed your life from the rat race.

Like I said, it sounds too good to be true, so let’s get down to business:

There’s a faster, better way to get more traffic…
And you won’t have to try harder, work longer, or mortgage the house…
In 2006 Google stunned the world by purchasing YouTube $1.65 billion dollars.

At the time everyone thought $1.65 billion was an outrageous fee, but the Brains Trust up at Google HQ were proven right… again.

And today, ranking video is commonly accepted as the fastest, easiest and smartest way to take yourself to the top of the SERPs.

But don’t take my word for it.

Why Videos Rank So Easily, So Quickly And So High In The SERPs.

When someone searches for a term, Google tries to show them a wide variety of content. Articles, images, video, the lot.

And these days, there’s a million articles optimized for pretty much every keyword you can imagine. But videos?

Barely any, because video’s so much harder to create than just spinning an article.

And that means the field is wide open.

Now You Can Quickly Create “Entire Seasons” Of Traffic Grabbing Video… (While Doing Less Work)

Yeah, you read that right, but it’s worth repeating:

You can produce more videos than Jerry Seinfeld has jokes and use them to rank higher, and pull more free traffic, faster and easier than you ever thought possible…
Here’s what it’s all about:

Which is why these professional SEOs… and even complete newbies… are going ballistic over the ranking power of Video Traffic X:

“It’s common knowledge that video has well and truly made its presence on the internet. More and more people are consuming video content on a daily basis so it is THE area that you NEED to be in.

Video Traffic X has cleverly combined video creation with blog content creation giving you maximum exposure from more than one source. I was blown away by the video creation capabilities and that one feature alone is worth the investment. It just works SO well and takes far less effort than most other software and tools.

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