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Social surveys review

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What is Social Surveys?

Social Surveys is the latest survey tool in the market. A next-generation survey app that assists in segmentation. Surveys can be run on FB, Web and mobile from one link, using our smart URL technology. You can also have different give aways based on the survey surveys

Exactly what is the much better way of understanding a customer’s requirements than by asking the customer itself? Likewise, based on their interests, you can give them appropriate distribute

Social Surveys is that single tool that aids you with segmenting your list based on their choices. You can likewise give them appropriate free gifts and discount rates with this device which makes it more intriguing for them.

Powerful Software Creates Smart Lead Capture Automated Surveys That Segment Your List, Retarget Your Customers And Explode Your ROI….In Only 4 Steps.
Social Surveys Lets You Create Audio Surveys, Voice Recorded Surveys, Video Surveys And More…Within Minutes. Get Ready For Intelligent Marketing And Happy Customers.

Social Surveys Features:

  • Surveys onload, onclick, exit popup
  • Paper Surveys
  • Viral share features
  • Video surveys
  • Scarcity based surveys
  • Surveys based on demo graphics
  • Statistics
  • Run surveys with conditions
  • Laser segment your list
  • In Built Question Bank
  • Simple Click & Edit features
  • Supports all major Autoresponders
  • Facebook integrated
  • Meaningful Analytics

Social Surveys is a one stop tool for list-building and engaging customers using surveys as a platform.

Do you know what your customers consider your business? Are you interacting with them to comprehend their requirement?

Is your value proposal attracting your audience?

In company, we have a lot of such questions and getting to know the answers assists us to reach new horizons.

Exactly what is a reliable method to put together and look at all this information? Surveys.

However the study devices in the market are costly and anticipates you to understand something in the market research domain.

With this tool you can run talking surveys, gather voice feedback from clients, design your survey with the pre-defined concern bank and a lot more.

With this tool, you can run talking surveys, get voice based feedback, segment your list, based on the reply and a lot of other features.
Getting to know your audience’s needs , is the prime responsibility of any business owner.
What is the best way to know it apart from asking the target market itself..
And build a list in the process.

With this tool you can
– Run condition based surveys
– Make the surveys talk
– Get voice feedback from the respondents
– Set giveaways based on responses

You can run these surveys inside your Facebook fan pages and also as a self hosted link or on your website.

Huge companies become a hit only because they know what their customers want.
They place products that are appealing to the target audience, diversify and then grow
That is because they know exactly what their customers want

Surveys are a great way to interact with your customers where you get first hand information of what they want.

With this new tool Social Survey, you can now take these surveys up a notch by creating
– conditional/logical surveys
– voice based feedback
– response based give aways
– segmented lists

It comes with Done for you templates and built in questions that let you create your first survey in a matter of minutes.

Social Surveys is a powerful tool that lets you run surveys in a jiffy. With ready made niche based “survey” templates and built-in question bank, you can customize the survey the way want. With a powerful back end, you can also export the list of segmented customers!!
Not just that:
1. Run surveys in any language
2. Schedule surveys
3. Export your segmented list to any autoresponder
4. Run surveys not only in FB but in any website
5. Design your give-away based on the responses

Social Surveys Have AMassive Library of “Done For You” Survey Templates

social surveys




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Check Out Just Some Of The Amazing Features They Have Packed Into Social Surveys For You

  • Groundbreaking voice feedback function so users can record audio feedback within your survey, and you can listen to it in the dashboard
  • Fully responsive and compatible on smartphones and tablets
  • Powerful conditional survey system. Send users to different questions depending on answers they choose
  • Built in “Magic URL” system to avoid the problem of FB Page Tabs not working on mobile
  • Social Share settings for Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • 25 ready to go survey templates, 10 offline niches and 25 general use templates
  • Built in “business intelligence” system of analytics with graphs, charts and a detailed response breakdown. Fully exportable in Excel.
  • Retargeting integration to target users based on their responses, what questions they answered and whether or not they completed the survey
  • Response based giveaway system: give users different bonuses and prizes based on their answers
  • Autoresponder integration for aweber, getresponse, mailchimp, sendreach and …..
  • Survey scheduling: set surveys to appear and run only during the timeframe you choose. Perfect for giveaways and contests
  • Audio survey function so users can listen to the survey questions in several languages
  • Cloud based app dashboard to create surveys that run on any website, can be embedded into wordpress and run via a chat-style widget
  • Video surveys: embed videos anywhere you like as questions, and more, to ensure maximum engagement
  • Fully loaded question bank with 25+ niche-specific customer service type questions that let you create surveys in minutes
  • Survey branding system to let you change colors and add your own logo
  • 10 powerful question types. Everything from star ratings to video and image voting, we have it all.
  • Image library: Over 440000 high quality photos, illustrations, and vector graphics you can use directly in the app with our built-in image search tool


Social Surveys Lets You or Your Customers Have These Conversations On Auto-pilot

No sales calls …
No “shot in the dark” emails or paid advertisements …
No thinking …
Social Surveys takes the guesswork from your marketing and turns your efforts into an assisted missile attack.

And the cool thing is, individuals will be happy to hear from you.

If they inform you exactly what they want, then you give it to them … well, it doesn’t get much easier than that, does it?

We make it practically difficult for individuals not to opt-in by using a powerful system of ‘micro-commitments’. By showing visitors a Social Study app with engaging steps that consist of images, audio, videos and more … we make sure individuals go right through the process and with each step, they are increasingly more likely to enter their e-mail at the end – the function of the study … … specifically if you utilize our giveaway system to reward them with a benefit.

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