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When it comes to selling online there are two things you must have in place or you won’t make anything. The first thing is traffic, and the second most important element is conversions. You must be able to convert your website visitors into buyers or leads. One of the easiest ways to increase your conversions is with urgency. Every company in the world uses urgency because it forces people to take action. In fact studies have been done that prove that increasing the urgency of an offer makes it more attractive to consumers. Well, the team over at NAMS Toolkit has created the perfect urgency boosting plugin called Simple Conversion Commander. You can have this amazing countdown plugin working for you to boost conversions within minutes after investing in it! Imagine being able to simply activate a plugin, and have it start working to increase your sales. You would probably want this on all of your sites! Well, you are in luck because they are even offering a multi-site license so you can use this on all the websites you own!

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