Re Engager Review

Today in this review I will present you this new software (plugin) called Re Engager. Watch the next Re Engager review to see what is exactly and how it works:
This plugin is a conversion booster, that help you make more money more sales and help you to not lost so many visitors that come to your website or blog.

So you must know that it is a plugin so you can use it only if you have WordPress website. As you can see in the review video above the plugin solves a big problem, a problem that anybody has who make affiliate marketing or internet marketing, and this problem is the lost visitors. There are many cases when you lost your visitors and one case is that everybody has a lot of opened window and browsers tabs when workin online. When I work online sometimes I have opened more than 10 windows at the same time. I read a blog post, I read my emails, read messages on Facebook, etc. at the same time.

How Re Engager software works

Re-Engager reviewThe Re-Engager plugin uses a good tactic to re engage your visitors if they go to the another tab of their browser,  it forces them back by showing a “notification of message” in the browser tab. When this visitor come back to your site to investigate the notification, a pop-up will open with your video, your optin form, an image or anything with your message and offer.

Re Engager is very easy to use and you can set up multiple type of campaigns like html popup, youtube/vimeo videos, any url, show and hide image type campaign (in example you have an image with a price on your page, and when the visitor come back to your site the image will replace with an other image with a lower (discount) price. The Pro version of the software has more type of campaigns like redirect (in this case you can redirect your visitor to any url in example direct to your affiliate link), or a meny type campaign where the visitor can choose from multiple options to visit your Facebook page, subscribe to your list, visit your Google + profile, etc.

You can get Re Engager plugin with a discount price but for a very limited time

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