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PressLabel WordPress Plugin Review

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Press Label is a WP Plugin that’s going to alter your business! It is a brand-new kickass WP plugin that lets you customize the WordPress and upgrade it completely in your branding. Yassir Ennazk and Neil Napier bring to you a wonderful approach to take the world’s most searched for web platform and make it completely your very own. This amazing program lets you own WordPress by marketing the unique simplicity of the web platform, however, with your choice of features, with your option of layouts, made under your designs. This extraordinary plugin permits you rebrand WordPress and customize it with your very own user interface and choices so it appears like your own web platform.

Have not you ever thought of personalizing the menus and logos in WordPress or choose which menu’s the users have access to? In some cases the simpleness and the several accesses have a downside. You could be working on a site for your client, however when you login next, you discover to your horror an untidy interface and atrocious modifications you don’t keep in mind making, because it’s so damn simple that your client decided to login and fine-tune the site a bit and pour all your effort down the drain! Don’t you want you had higher unique control over the backend that could keep your meddlesome customer at bay? We just occur to have an answer to that!

PressLabel plugin enables you to give your websites a more special and more tailored and less complicated dashboard by entirely rebranding the WordPress admin area and making it your very own. With Whitelabel Branding for WordPress, you can take full control over the branding in Wp admin and choose who has access to exactly what features.
The most amazing function of PressLabel is that it lets you entirely rebrand WordPress to your modification! That suggests you take a totally free platform like WordPress, construct websites that you can cost $1000+! And do not worry about your clients finding out when they login to the member’s location, because PressLabel gives you the complete liberty to revamp the dashboard, include or get rid of widgets, keep/remove/rename screen choices and eliminates any trace of WP logo design or branding, encouraging your clients that this is your unique platform!
Having spent contless hours on your design and code, sweating all the details, shouldn’t your content management system show your brand? And while you are at it, how about making it beautiful instead of run of the mill? With Press Label you can develop a completely tailored WordPress dashboard with no WordPress branding. Your clicents will not even understand that you’re utilizing WordPress. Produce an appearance and fell that matches your brand name.
Reimagine the WordPress dashboard in a clean, modern-day, and streamlined design. Your customer will love it. Change or get rid of all WordPress branding, producing a true Whitelabel admin area for your websites. Produce your color scheme, include your branding to both the admin and login pages, make it your very own.


Press Label Wp Plugin Features:

  • Tailor Navigation
    PressLabel gives you the flexibility to show just the info and features you desire your customers to see! This not just assists you cut down clutter however also presents a streamlined, professional user interface that’ll arrange your menu beautifully! Now personalize your menu, structure your submenus, reorder/rename/remove elements of the admin panel. In short, you can simply drag n’ drop your method to your own individualized interface!!! How’s that for easy?!
  • Custom-Built Login Page
    It’s your personal login page! Now this page is all about you! Impress with the first look with a total tailor made login screen! You decide exactly what goes up on that screen … setup on an entirely unique layout, this includes your logo design, your branding, a background specifically developed by you, and a style that’s specifically yours! The boring logins of WP will be a far cry from this and never worldwide will your clients think that this could remotely be the same platform! Due to the fact that the first impression is typically the last!
  • Versatile Visual Layouts
    If you believed the customization ends at that, you remain in for a pleasant surprise! We completely believe that a product is only worth how much it serves, but a few excellent looks never hurt anybody! With PressLabel, you have the capability to alter how your dashboard looks to fit your very own product and services. With the look choices, you get to turn designer with 8 distinct color schemes to change your Dashboard and match your brand!
  • Full Control– In YOUR Hands
    This unique WhiteLabel lets you have control of your websites long after you have actually sold them! The Full Control Of User Preferences lets you handle, choose and set capabilities for single or multiple users that have access to the dashboard of your product. You decide who all can be administrators, whether the clients can modify the website or author any posts and you get to designate functions for the website’s backend, and all without your clients knowing about it!

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