Local List Formula

What is Local List Formula?

Local List Formula is everything you need to not only become an expert on email marketing and deliver amazing results, but we are going to show you Exactly how to get clients in the first place.

Local LIst Formula Training

The Local List Formula Includes 5 Modules:

Module 1 – Client Acquisition
There is low hanging fruit all over the place that is ripe for the picking. In Module 1, They’ll show you his secret FACT BASED strategy for finding out who I’ll be able to get results for. It’s a fact that email marketing works for every business, but it absolutely works best for certain types. I show you in this module!

Module 2 – Email Super Funnel
If you structure your offers in the exact way he show you, your business will grow. The Email Super Funnel is designed to get you as many clients as possible for email marketing AND to build RECURRING INCOME. You’re building a REAL business here!

Module 3 – List Building
In this module they show you exactly how to build a list for your business and for your clients. He show you his “Triple Threat” list method that every business must have. And they talk about list segmentation and lead scoring to maximize ROI on your marketing campaigns.

Module 4 – Email Structure 101
There is a very specific way you need to structure the emails you send out for yourself and for your clients if you want to get results. This will teach you how to write emails that not only get opened by people on the list, but responded to!

Module 5 – Effective Campaign Creation
In this module I’ll teach you all the important parts you need to have an effective email marketing campaign. One that produces RESULTS. You’ll learn my 3 favorite Email Campaigns that you can implement immediately for yourself or for your client. They call this The Email Campaign Triangle.

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