Lead Shocker Review

Lead Shocker Review

Lead Shocker review

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Lead Shocker is the smartest video chat software that’s almost like an artificial intelligence that virtually forces your site’s visitors to give their information up. Enables your site to give automated answers to every single visitor and chat like someone’s there in real time. Plus it works in every single niche.Lead Shocker software

Lead Shocker is so simple to set up, all it takes is a few clicks of the mouse to have Lead Shocker TM dramatically increase your leads for you on your website on complete autopilot, 24/7.

The typical “watch a video” and enter your name and email in the form below is DEAD! Something new and WAY more powerful is ready to take your lead generation to a whole new level!
If you have bought ANY video product in 2015 you absolutely need to see this brand new way of generating leads using the power of emotional videos and automated lead generation solutions.

Click here to watch Lead Shocker Demo to see how you can

• Generate 2-3X more leads from your current videos
• Create a new experience that will thrill your website visitors
• Secretly squeeze tons of information from your website visitors

Lead Shocker Features:

  • It combines the emotional power of video to stop your prospects in their track with the converting power of the world’s 1st lead generation autopilot lead getting chat machine…
  • Lead Shocker comes with super professional done for you videos that forces even dead traffic to take the action step you want (IE sign up for your list)…
  • You can even add your own videos as well if you prefer. You have complete control!
  • Lead Shocker’s TM autopilot lead generation chat machine can be customized to work in any niche, any website at any time. It’s the nearest thing ever to having your very own live chat agent working for you 24/7…
  • System collects leads for you so you can add your new leads to any autoresponder you like…
  • You can even use Lead Shocker TM to drastically increase sales on your website as well. Use Lead Shocker to answer your prospect’s every question on complete autopilot so they feel comfortable to purchase from you…
  • You can customize Lead Shocker to fit the feel and look of your website to further increase your leads and sales on complete autopilot!

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