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What is Interactr? Interactr special innovation lets you improve customer interaction, increase profits, and build a solid, scalable, reliable video marketing business … while waving farewell to video drop off for good.

Interactr Features:

  • Rip up the video marketing rule book: you have actually got a BRAND NEW option to the huge issue most video marketers will NEVER EVER fix
  • Create the most appealing videos ever: by having a CONVERSATION with your viewer, you can keep them connected from the very first second to the last
  • Deliver perfectly targeted sales pitches: by getting your viewer to give you information and tailoring the pitch they get, you’ll be ensured to deal with all their issues
  • Massively increase your conversions: refining targeting and engagement leads to huge boosts in sales– with no requirement for a scammy ‘hard sell’
  • Track your customers with identify accuracy: Interactr is the ONLY software application that lets you see how every individual section of your video is carrying out

Interactr makes segmenting with concerns an art type. Take creative control. Develop stunning, natural sectors and enjoy your audience interaction explode!
– Bring segments to life and drive massive interaction
– Ask questions, personalize content, and talk straight to your audience
– Usage basic sections to instantly double your reach
– Maximize every marketing dollar you spend

Segmenting with questions is good, fantastic even … however you can do so much more when you have actually got the INTERACTIVE POWER of hotspots, menus, transitions, timings, animations … and a truck load more to play with!
– Use layers in powerful mixes (or as special standalone CTAs) to keep your audience glued to your marketing message.
– Usage smoking-hot hotspots to fire up your audience within segments …
– Interact with anybody utilizing Multi-Functional Layers For Any Video custom timings, custom buttons, hotspots, images, fixed images, animations, menus, font styles, customized video controls, timeouts, and much more.

If you’re NOT tracking specific sectors and layers you’re YOU ‘RE NOT TRACKING! TruTrackr creates important data and rich analytics on all your sectors, layers and projects.
– Simple, easy to use innovative tracking with step-by-step tutorials.
– Quickly see what’s working and exactly what’s costing you money.
– Usage rich analytics to measure and enhance whole video campaigns with ease.
– Make quick modifications to improve interaction and fine tune revenues.
– Make smart decisions backed by real data about the very best way to scale your company.

How it Works?


Some examples where can you use Interactr in your business:

  • Amazon Reviews. Showcase your best products, and let the shopper choose what’s most relevant to them. You can even let them choose related products to maximize your average cart value.
  • Video Sales Letters. Add the awesome conversational power of webinar style selling to your videos without ever ‘going live’. Give your customers a unique buying experience and watch your profits soar.
  • Viral Campaigns. Longer view times are proven to TRIPLE social sharing… So use interaction to create amazing, share-worthy videos that get people hyper-involved.
  • Offline. Reach more clients for your offline business with interactive videos that answer your client’s questions, as if you were right there in the room.
  • Branding Videos. Interactr is an exceptional branding device that allows you to showcase the most important features of your company and the benefits of working with you.

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