How to create video sites

How to create video sites with this Wp Plugin

how to create a video site

Affiliate marketing is a very attractive way to make money online. With affiliate marketing you don’t need to create a product, do support, do updates, or any of the technical work. You simply send a sale to the product your promoting and you get a commission. Its that easy.
Building niche sites is a time tested way to do affiliate marketing. However it comes with a BIG problem. In order for your site to rank and get traffic you need content, and lots of it. You need videos to engage your users and you need text content to make Google happy so you can rank in the search results and guess what, creating all of this content takes a lot of time, effort and energy. In fact with all the work needed to build a complete niche site often people wonder if its even worth the effort, and what if you want 5 sites, or 10 sites, or 25 sites? Building your sites can become a full time job!

With Instant Video Site Plugin anyone can create full blown niche site with hundreds of pages of SEO optimized video and text content in as little as 60 seconds. In fact its as easy as:


How to create video sites with Instant Video Site Plugin in 3 easy steps:

1) Enter in the key words you want your content to rank for and the number of posts you want on your site.

creating video sites with Instant Video Site plugin

2) Select any or all of the videos that you want for your post. Instant Video Site will automatically generate text content based on the video you select.

making a video site

3) Automatically change any word in the post to your affiliaete link. Optionally add a Call To Action pop up over your posts, Press create and your done. You now have a completed niche site, loaded with content and monitized with your affiliate link!

how to create your own video site

Instant Video Site Features:

  • Unlimited text / video content in any niche
  • Create a full site with hundreds of posts in 60 seconds
  • Give Google what it needs to rank you, content!
  • Add CTA pop up images to your pages
  • Automatically make specific words in the post your affiliate / buy link
  • Easy to use no technical skill required

You could do things the ‘hard way’ and spend countless hours creating videos, writing content, and editing posts for every single niche site you want to make. Or you can use the power of Instant Video Site to build unlimited niche sites in as little as 60 seconds!

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